“Boyan Karanjuloff is the living example of a guitar player that has surpassed the level of intense expression other guitarists don’t even know exist.”

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung


“The fascinating thing about his playing is the unique fusion of elemental force, most tender sentience, an infallible sense of guitaristic worth and an often overwhelming magical sound.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung


“This sounds like love for experimentation, disciplined excess and feisty, provocative detonation of shapes!”

Akustik Gitarre


„This is a most ambitious recording (The White Indian). In what appears to be a rather eclectic collection of music, a thread of threads emerge in homage to perhaps the greatest „natural“ musician of the 20th century. …The music performed by the Villa-Lobos-Duo and Ahmed El-Salamouny is wonderful; a collection to dip into, yet a listen through in its entirety is recommended.“

Classical Guitar Magazine (Tim Panting, September 2010)


Foto: Manfred Pollert

„Apropos innovator: The Villa-Lobos-Duo, too, rank among them with a ingenious improvisation consisting of “Étude N°12” by Villa-Lobos, Chick Corea’s “Children’s Song N°4” and excerpts from a piece by the Brazilian Heavy Metal Band Sepultura. The big final is consistently one of the “Bachianas Brasileiras”… „N°9“, originally a work for choirs or orchestras, is interpreted by the two musicians gently and passionately at the same time.”

Hispanorama (Torsten Esser, Mai 2010)


“…“The White Indian“ is an entertaining piece full of variety and with a South American flair that presents guitar and cello with a new livery.”

nmz (Alexandra Scherer, 11/2009)


“With an overt pleasure in creating composition they perambulated all dimensions of sensations. Karanjuloff evoked an inexhaustible range of emotions from his guitar, and Philippsen with his cello added the pampering emphasis when it came to the dark notes.”

CZ (Rolf-Dieter Diehl, Juli 2009)


 “…an innovative combination of world music: experimental, honest and daring, as it cheers any musician’s heart, yet communicative and direct as it pleases the audience.”

Akustik Gitarre (1/2008)


Foto: Manfred Pollert

„…everything is played perfectly well. …it is all refreshingly new.“

Classical Guitar Magazine (Stephen Kenyon, 7/2005)


“And there they are- opening their prodigious spectrum completely and offer chamber music of the highest order with an impressive orchestral abundance: the pure, deep pleasure forcing one to listen intently without even realizing it.”

Akustik Gitarre (1/2005)


“A marvellous combination: cello and guitar. Two gentle instruments, played with verve and the commitment to serious music.”

NWZ (1/2005)


“Music on the highest level. Not only this rare arrangement of guitar and violoncello but also the way they performed was gripping. Whether Eastern European, South American or Jewish folklore or contemporary composers, the playing demanded masterful skills. …Virtuoso! The heartily applause left no doubt about it.“

Vor dem Schaufenster von Schmorl & v. Seefeld in Hannover nach der Veröffentlichung der CD "Tanzologia"

CZ (19.01.2005)


„That perhaps could be a good stimulant for other musicians to enrich their own capabilities. The guitar and cello present a breathtaking combination and both players have a intense interaction. …The Villa-Lobos-Duo is filling a gap between centuries of music with new musical technical ideas and superb compositions, but also show that classical music will be enamoured by a broader audience by adding subtle experimental nuances to music.“

Bridge Guitar Reviews (25.10.2004)


“Chamber music between folklore and academic classicism, between contemporary music and something timeless.”

HAZ (Dezember 2004)


“Trenchant, colourful and highly entertaining. …One thing is clear: Concerts with the Villa-Lobos-Duo are a breath of fresh air in the music world.”

NOZ (September 2003)