Im Narren liegt die Wahrheit. (Only the jester speaks the truth.) Till Eulenspiegel 1511-2011

Staged reading with Michael Dreesen, music by Boyan Karanjuloff

Michael Dreesen als Till Eulenspiegel

2011 is the year of Till Eulenspiegel – 500 years ago the story’s about Eulenspiegel first went to print. Several republications and translations made it Europe’s most read book of folk tales. The German Federal Republic pays homage to the jester searching for the truth with a specially minted 10€ coin. Boyan Karanjuloff and actor Michael Dreesen make alive the surprisingly relevant world of the famous rogue in a staged reading.

Till Eulenspiegel seeks after truth and reveals: In his stories he holds a mirror up to the powerful and the influential people, businessmen and  winners, local authorities and common people – rough and direct, to the point and relevant as ever. The rogue satirizes haughtiness, greed, stupidity, humans, all-too-humans with a great deal of wit and absurdity and makes us chuckle, laugh and see…

In the dramatic reading “Im Narren liegt die Wahrheit” (Only the jester speaks the truth) Michael Dreesen presents a good selection of the stories and changing perspectives he acts as Till Eulenspiegel who in his jester suit forges links between to the present day. Following the tradition of the intermezzo, Boyan Karanjuloff adds valuable musical accents that allow for contemplation.

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